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Jan 08, 2015

New Year’s Resolutions…

We’re a week into the New Year. I hope everyone out there had a great New Year’s Eve, and that 2015 is off to the start you had hoped and planned for. And speaking of hoping and planning, did anyone out there make any New Year’s resolutions? I think it’s human nature to look to the future when we close the book on the previous year. Most of us are nostalgic in some way, I know I am. And when we’re fondly remembering yesterday how often do you say to yourself, “I could do better with that” ? So, what was your resolution?

I have mixed feeling on resolutions at the start of the year. I know the intentions are good. A ton of people resolve to eat better and get in better shape, and the number of gym memberships skyrockets. Again, good intentions. I’ll be the first to tell someone to get out and be active. But how many of our resolutions are such large changes that we don’t stick with them? A bunch of those people you see in the gym right now won’t be there come February 1st. And it’s not because those people don’t want to be healthier. I’d bet it’s because they went from one extreme to the other, and the change was so big they could’t stick with the new program.

So I propose that instead of sweeping New Year’s resolutions, that we resolve to make small changes throughout the year. I’m constantly evaluating myself, both from a personal and business standpoint. If I want to eat better in March, I should start to make small changes that I can stick with. I shouldn’t wait until January to completely clear out my pantry and fill it with new options. How about parenting? You wouldn’t wait months and months for an arbitrary date to better your parentlng skills, would you? So why would you wait to better yourself in any other arena?

Small changes are easier to swallow. And then you can improve on those small changes with more small changes. Before you know it you’ll have a new routine that is miles from where you began. And it’ll be one you can stick with. I understand the appeal of New Year’s resolutions. But really, how many have you been able to keep at in your life? We’re creatures of habit, and change is hard. Make that change easier on yourself.

So, I’ll ask again, what was your New Year’s resolution? Have you stuck with it? Awesome if you have, keep it up. If you haven’t, try a smaller change. See if that works. Baby steps throughout the year.

I’m resolving to continue to grow, learn, and adapt. With small changes as needed along the way. Amy, Joannie, and I wish you all a very Happy New Year. I think it’s going to be the best yet.

And with that, I wish everyone out there a safe and healthy week.

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