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Patient Testimonials

I have been suffering for seven years with back pain caused by a number of herniated discs. I never believed in chiropractic treatment. When I could no longer sit or stand, I had no options left to try but chiropractic treatment.

When I walked into Dr. Hengel’s office I was walking with my eyes toward the ground, and pain was shooting down my legs. Amy, the office receptionist, was there to assist me, and Dr. Hengel was right behind her to greet me. They were very professional and understanding.

Following Dr. Hengel’s treatment I was a new person. I was standing straight and walking on my own. I will continue with treatments at Dr. Hengel’s office because I refuse to suffer from the pain I experienced before I walked into his office. Dr. Hengel is a miracle worker.Bob F., Patient

I have been a patient of Dr. Hengel’s for the past three years. I appreciate the professionalism of his staff, particularly the attention to scheduling, as well as the genuine caring manner in which Dr. Hengel runs his practice. He always takes time to listen to my concerns and is genuinely cautious in his approach. Thank you, Dr. Hengel, for providing a high standard of care to the Port Charlotte and Punta Gorda community.Judy K., Patient
We are blessed to have someone of Dr. Hengel’s character and expertise in our community. His staff members are professional and compassionate. The chiropractic and massage treatment has been very effective in eliminating my intense back and neck pain. With sincere appreciation…Philip M., Patient
Dr. Hengel has always made me feel comfortable. I feel I have received personal attention during every visit. Dr. Hengel is well educated and always has suggestions for better everyday health. He has proven himself to me time and time again.Lisa D., Patient
I look forward to my visits to Dr. Hengel’s office. Dr. Hengel and his staff are warm, friendly, and efficient. He has an excellent massage therapist on staff. My treatments at Dr. Hengel’s office have given me a great amount of relief from my longstanding neck and back pain.Kevin B., Patient
I suffer from chronic neck and shoulder pain, probably job related. I have tried acupuncture, massage, and other chiropractic therapies. Several years ago, I heard about Dr. Hengel and his methods of therapy.

While Dr. Hengel does do what I consider “traditional chiropractic,” he was able to relieve my pain without the typical “neck twisting” usually offered by Chiropractic Physicians. Dr. Hengel’s staff is very understanding, and knowing my busy schedule they always find a way to accommodate me, even if I call at the last minute.

I highly recommend Dr. Hengel, he is kind, knowledgeable, empathetic, and he listens. I would not think of going elsewhere.Karol A., Patient