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Jan 24, 2015

And something new…

Friday night, and I’m nursing the remnants of a cold. I blame the kids. But at least I feel like I’m on the upswing. The flu hit our house pretty hard over the past few weeks. All the kids missed some school at one point or another. I hope your house fared better than ours. And with it being an early night for me, I’ll keep this post short and to the point. Here we go…

We’ve implemented some new features in our office. Mainly concerning appointment reminders. We began this week to send out appointment reminders via text message and email. The system is working very efficiently so far, and the feedback has been positive. What we need from you if you’d like to participate in this is your email address for email reminders, and your cell number and cell carrier for text reminders. That’s it.

Now I understand some of you don’t want to participate, for various reasons, and this system is completely voluntary. We implemented this new feature because it is becoming increasing unfeasable to make appointment reminder calls each day. We’re a small office, and it takes about an hour each day to get through the calls for the following day’s appointments. That hour could be used better helping our patients in the office. So if you’re on the fence, please consider it, or ask questions. We’re always here to help in any way we can.

And a final good note about the text and email reminders: DISCOUNTED MASSAGES!!! That’s right. We get last minute cancellations for massages. If we have your email or text, we can send out a system wide text or email to let you know the time slot available and the discounted rate. And I promise, those rates will be the best you will find in our office at any time of the year. So if that sounds appealing, climb on board.

That’s it. Fire away with questions. I’m on Facebook (www.facebook.com/hengelfamilychiropractic) and Twitter (@DrGregHengel).

And with that, I wish everyone out there a safe and healthy week.

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