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Sep 04, 2014

The NFL is back, and all is right with the world…

As I sit here at lunch on Thursday, September 04, 2014, all I can think of is the start of the NFL season. Tonight the Green Bay Packers play at the Seattle Seahawks for the kickoff of the 2014 NFL Season. Some of you have just read those last two sentences and moved on to another web page. But given the popularity of the NFL, I’m willing to bet more of you are just as excited for tonight and this weekend as I am.

I am a Packers fan. For no other reason than my family is from Wisconsin and all my relatives are Packers fans. I was born into it, and I’ll go to my grave a Packer’s fan. I’m sure most of you are fans of your team for similar reasons. With our children being born and growing up in Florida, it’s been a struggle at times to get them to root for the “right” team. Our oldest, Cal, seems to be headed on the right track, knows who Aaron Rodgers is, etc. Our daughter, Nicole, likes the Packers, but still, on occasion, calls them the Green Bean Packers. Our two younges, Lincoln and Lily, can’t be bothered with football. But that doesn’t stop me from dressing them in the appropriate team attire and telling them the Packers are the only real football team.

I’ve been fortunate in my career to have treated a few NFL players. I’ve always enjoyed treating athletes. Being a former collegiate athlete, I can relate to the mindset of wanting and needing to compete as soon as possible following an injury. Football players have their own set of common injuries, and I’ve treated on the sidelines of games numerous times. While watching the games this weekend, watch for players leaving the field under their own power with injuries. The vast majority will be evaluated by a trainer or physician with training in Active Release Techniques (ART). In fact, I know most of the treating ART providers in the NFL. I enjoy seeing them on TV during the games.

And finally, a word of advice: If your significant other just isn’t that into the NFL, you should probably just give them a heads up that the season is about to start. Maybe just a little hint. I told Amy to not expect to hear from me on Sunday from roughly 10:00 am until midnight. I think she rolled her eyes when I said that, but I’m not completely sure. She puts up with my NFL obsession/problem, but that’s another blog entirely…

Enjoy the NFL this weekend!

And with that, I wish everyone out there a safe and healthy week.

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