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Sep 19, 2014

Is more better? Sometimes, but not always in healthcare

We tend to live in a society that has the mindset of “if a little is good, more must be better.” I subscribe to that theory for a lot of things (time spent with good friends, laughing, pizza, etc.), but when dealing with healthcare treatment, more isn’t necessarily better. I often give the example of Tylenol. If you have an ache, a couple of Tylenol may give you some relief. If you take 40 Tylenol, you’re most likely going to end up in the hospital, or worse. Going by this mindset for treatment in my office, I ... Read More

Sep 12, 2014

Are you wearing the right shoes? I’m betting the answer is, “I don’t know…”

Amy and I have been fairly avid runners for the past 4-5 years. We’ve run in races ranging from a 5-k all the way up to a half marathon. We’ve also run in overnight relay races. All told, we run on average 30 miles per week, give or take. And with that we’ve come to know, through trial and error, what shoes work for each of us. And not just what shoes work for running, but what shoes work for each of us on a daily basis. I’ve ... Read More

Sep 04, 2014

The NFL is back, and all is right with the world…

As I sit here at lunch on Thursday, September 04, 2014, all I can think of is the start of the NFL season. Tonight the Green Bay Packers play at the Seattle Seahawks for the kickoff of the 2014 NFL Season. Some of you have just read those last two sentences and moved on to another web page. But given the popularity of the NFL, I’m willing to bet more of you are just as excited for tonight and this weekend as I am. I am a Packers fan. For no other reason than my family is ... Read More

Aug 29, 2014

My Fantasy Football Obsession

With the 2014 NFL season upon us, my thoughts have been generally drifting toward my fantasy football drafts. Yes, drafts, plural. At the moment I’m in two leagues. I could very easily see myself being part of one or two more. But, I like my family. And I think they like me. I’m fairly certain they would like me less if I was doing more with fantasy football than I already do. I’m writing this blog on Thursday, 8/28/14. My first draft was last night. It was an auction draft done online ... Read More

Aug 22, 2014

Welcome to The Launch of Our New Website

Welcome to the launch of our new website and the launch of my new blog. I feel very fortunate to have just passed my 10 year anniversary of being in practice in Florida, and with that milestone we felt it was time for a change to our office and website. We recently redecorated our office, designed a brand new logo, and had new business cards printed for all office staff members. We think it’s a fresh new way to start our next decade in practice, and ... Read More

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